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Launching :- PLS Sports Academy with experienced National Level Coaches
Parilok School Chittorgarh- ( Play group tp 8th Std. ) An ISO 9001-2015 Certified English Medium School

About Parilok School

The structure, style, systems, staff and skills together make the culture of an organization. Culture is sometimes described as ‘the way we do things round here‘. The Parilok School (Best Primary School in Chittorgarh City ) will develop a culture which meets the needs of our nation with values, diversity, equality and fairness. A positive climate depends on people having a sense of direction; enthusiasm for change; a feeling of autonomy and personal responsibility for the results of their work; commitment to the society and nation.

“This will be the most unique educational structure in the world in sub-urban and rural area”, a high target, yet one that must be met. The campus of the future is about redefining the “norm”. It is about demonstrating what learning must look like in the 21st century for all students, not just those who are fortunate. As the society wants to step into the physical and technical development stages of this holistic project we will remain committed to our vision; an empowered community where learning is continuous, relevant and adaptive.

Harnessing a person for technology and applying it to learn well, as Bill Gates said in ‘The Road Ahead’, “Empower people of all ages, both inside and outside the classroom, to learn more easily, enjoyable, and successfully than ever before. Improving education is the best investment we can make because downstream benefits flow to every part of society.”

Every student deserves the opportunity to succeed.



A well-rounded academic program prepares our students for a successful future.


Students enjoy a traditional school experience including sports, arts, and other extracurricular activities.



We provide students with proven strategies to help manage their academic and behavioral issues.



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Our Mission

The PARILOK SCHOOL has been created with a NOBLE MISSION which incorporates the following goals-

To aim for the best in academic excellence, moral, social and cultural values, research and development.


To create a landmark and fulfill the growing demand of the global world in the field of education and research.

To provide finest quality education that will evolve in stages the changes that takes place globally in the field of education.

To promote students to become life-long learners and aware of their dependence with the environment so that they accept their responsibilities for maintaining an environment fit for future.

To groom confident, sensitive, responsible human being with a global outlook.

To develop thinking skills, behavioral skills, research skills, communication skills, self-management skills etc.

Our GOAL is to find the KEY that unlocks each student’s
in High School and BEYOND

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